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Bingo Set

Price ₺19.92
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The bingo set is the easiest way to have fun with your family or friends. The common point of everyone, big and small, is that you can play from 7 to 70 without age limit. Box contents; 20 Bingo Cards, 90 Bingo Stones, 1 Stone Bag, 1 Number Control Board, 1 Set Closing Stamp. Imported from China

Dimensions : 16,5x16,5x4,5cm

Led Light Ice Cubes

Price ₺56.78
Availability: 8 In Stock

Ice cubes with LED light and gel particles. When the ice cubes are put in the freezer, the gels inside freeze and turn into ice. You can repeat this process as the cooling feature of the ice cubes ends. The light changes color and turns on in 4 modes, the product is battery powered and can be changed when the battery is dead. Imported from China

Dimensions : 3,5x3x3cm


Led Cocktail and Vodka Glass

Price ₺24.58
Availability: 29 In Stock

270 ml., Acrylic, frosted base, cocktail, vodka glass with 3 functions, led light, on / off button at the bottom, batteries can be changed. Put the glass in the freezer and wait until the gel on the bottom is ice. Imported from China

Dimensions : 17x6x6cm

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